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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Brain Injuries and Memory Loss

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 18-Jul-2017

    Memory loss is one of the most common symptoms of a brain injury. The brain contains several structures that relate to memory, including its ability to take in information, store it, and retrieve it when necessary. Any injury inflicted on these parts can severely impact the brain’s capacity to perform any or all of these memory functions. Some believe that memory impairment might be caused ...
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  • Personal Injury Myths

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 4-Jul-2017

    After being involved in an accident, many are often overwhelmed and traumatized by the incident and, despite their injuries, hesitate to go through a personal injury claim. This is often because of the myths that have been perpetuated about personal injury cases, most of which are actually false. If you or someone you love was injured in an accident, it is important to learn the facts and reality ...
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  • Truck Accidents: Electronic On-Board Recorders as Evidence

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 22-Jun-2017

    Many commercial trucks are equipped with on-board recording devices which are used to log information, including the driver’s hours behind the wheel. In the event of an accident, the information from these recorders can be invaluable evidence. These devices serve as a digital version to a traditional logbook that drivers are required to keep, and data can be automatically entered into the ...
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  • Preventing Car Accidents: June is National Safety Month!

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 8-Jun-2017

    June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council and thousands of other organizations are focusing on how to prevent accidents and reduce the leading causes of injury and death on the road, at work, and in communities. Learn more this month about preventing car accidents and helping keep the road safe for everyone. Leading Causes of Injury Many car accidents happen each day, and some ...
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  • Tips to Help Prevent Car Accidents

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 23-May-2017

    Car accidents can be costly, even if no one is injured. You may have medical bills, repair bills, and your insurance premiums may even be raised, so it’s important to take steps to drive safely and avoid accidents. Here are some tips to help keep you safe on the road. 1. Keep your eyes scanning the road ahead. Don’t get fixated on the car in front of you. Continually watch the road ...
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  • The Dangers of Tired Truck Drivers

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 9-May-2017

    There are many stories of over-tired truck drivers causing horrific accidents. Driving while tired is dangerous for any driver to do, but when the driver is in control of a vehicle that can weigh 80,000 pounds, the consequences of an accident are often deadly. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, and truck drivers regularly are expected to drive when they haven’t had ...
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  • Jaywalking & Pedestrian Accidents: Who's at Fault?

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 12-Apr-2017

    As drivers, we have all been told that pedestrians always have the right of way. From a legal standpoint, however, this is not always correct. There are some circumstances in which a pedestrian may be partially or totally at fault for a pedestrian-car accident. Determining Fault If a driver is clearly at fault for the accident, the pedestrian will likely be able to obtain compensation through the ...
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  • When is an Owner Responsible for a Dog Bite in Georgia?

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 6-Apr-2017

    If you suffered an injury due to a dog bite or attack in Georgia, you might be eligible to sue to dog owner for monetary damages related to your injury. Georgia’s Negligence Law To prove that a dog owner is liable under Georgia law, the injured individual must demonstrate the following elements: The dog is dangerous and vicious The dog owner was careless with the animal or let it “go ...
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  • Compensation for Fatal Car Accidents

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 30-Mar-2017

    Car accidents can occur at any time. Unfortunately, many of them result in fatalities caused by negligence. If you lost a loved one in a car accident in Georgia, as a result of the negligent and reckless actions of another party, you might be eligible for monetary compensation through a wrongful death claim. Although no amount of money possible can ever replace the life you lost, it can help cover ...
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  • The Long-Term Impact of Brain Injuries on a Person's Life

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 28-Feb-2017

    The relationship between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a variety of health conditions depend on the type and severity of injury. However, TBI is a chronic health condition which has long-term effects on the overall health for some individuals. Types of TBI TBI is classified into two categories: mild and severe. A mild TBI occurs if loss of consciousness or confusion, and disorientation is ...
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  • House Bill 163 Aims to Require Drivers to Go Hands-Free with Phones

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 22-Feb-2017

    Texting while driving and other bad behaviors have resulted in a substantial spike in auto accident fatalities in Georgia and throughout the country over the past two years. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, motor vehicle deaths in the state have increased by a third within that time frame. In order to address the issue, House Bill 163 aims to require the hands-free use of electronic ...
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  • Will Video Surveillance Help My Slip & Fall Case?

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 19-Jan-2017

    Whether you are in a mall, restaurant, or someone else’s private property, video surveillance is used for security reasons. However, did you know that it could also be used as crucial evidence in the event of a slip and fall accident ? The Importance of Video Surveillance Evidence In most cases, slip and fall accidents are difficult to prove because it comes down to the injured party’s ...
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  • Textalyzer: Can It Help Reduce Crashes Caused by Texting?

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 16-Jan-2017

    Texting while driving has become one of the main contributing factors in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. In order to fight the texting and driving epidemic, one state (New York) is looking to use an innovative new way by using a “textalyzer” device on cellphones. What is a Textalyzer? How Would It Work? Based on the “breathalyzer” test to determine a ...
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  • Self-Driving Auto Crash: Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 13-Jan-2017

    In May of 2016, a 40-year-old man named Joshua Brown became the first individual killed in a self-driving car while it was in autonomous mode. A truck heading in the opposite direction suddenly turned left across the Tesla’s path without the car’s radar and computer-vision system recognizing the vehicle, causing Brown to die instantly after impact. In July, following the incident, U.S. ...
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  • Preventing Bathroom Falls

    Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 10-Jan-2017

    Aside from car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases, our Atlanta personal injury attorney at The Weinstein Firm, LLC has represented many clients involved in slip and fall accidents. Each year, millions of elder adults fall and suffer catastrophic injuries. Falls are the most common cause of injuries for those 65 years of age or older, with 80% of them occurring in the ...
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