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Dangerous Road Accidents

Dangerous Road Accidents in Georgia

Let Our Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyers Fight for You

While most car accidents are caused by negligent drivers, some crashes are caused by a dangerous road conditions. In these type of cases, government entities are liable for designing or maintaining the roads. However, it is often difficult to recover compensation in these type of cases without a qualified car accident attorney.

If you have suffered an injury after being involved in an auto accident caused by hazardous road conditions, we can help you recover financial compensation necessary to cover your medical expenses and loss of income, as well as pain and suffering. Our Atlanta auto accident attorneys have an exceptional track record of successfully representing injured victims and their families in cases like these.

Road Conditions That Can Be Considered Dangerous

A dangerous road can result from a faulty design, improper construction, inadequate maintenance, or faulty adaptation to changing conditions. 20% of all fatal road accidents involve cars running off the road or colliding with a fixed object.

Dangerous types of road conditions include:

  • Uneven surfaces. Potholes can cause damage or cause a motor vehicle driver to lose control of the car and veer. Loose or uneven surfaces can make it difficult to break or can cause swerving.
  • Improper design. Hazardous dips, short merging lanes, and shoulder drop-offs could create unsafe conditions for drivers. Without adequate warning signs, these hazards can results in accidents.
  • Negligent construction. When a road construction company fails to follow approved plans or use the proper materials can result in accidents and damages along the roadway.
  • Poor road maintenance. Inclement weather and constant wear can cause the roadways to erode, making them susceptible for accidents to occur. This also includes broken guardrails, deteriorated signs, worn off lane markers, and malfunctioning traffic lights.
  • Lack of safety. When crosswalks are not adequately visible to drivers, pedestrians who use these crosswalks are exposed to danger.

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Our Atlanta auto accident lawyers can investigate your case, secure your wrecked vehicle, and have an engineer who specializes in road design and crashes inspect the road conditions in order to develop a strong and personalized case strategy. While these government entities are backed by powerful legal defense teams, we are not afraid to protect your rights and pursue the justice you deserve.

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