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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Atlanta Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as much as 40% of deaths from car crashes involved multiple vehicles. Multi-car accidents, which are also called “pile-ups” can lead to devastating consequences, in some ways to a degree higher than a single-vehicle accident. If you were hurt, having an Atlanta car accident attorney work with you can create a plan of action to help you heal and move forward.

We at The Weinstein Firm, LLLC have helped many members of our community throughout Atlanta, Georgia find compensation that can aid in recovery. This is crucial, especially in cases such as these that have caused involve life-threatening, catastrophic injuries.

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What Causes Multi-Vehicle Accidents?

Accidents involving two vehicles usually involve “he said, she said” arguments over who was at fault for causing the accident. Most of the time, fault is determined relatively quickly. When there are three or more vehicles involved, the process becomes slightly more difficult.

These are some of the most common causes of multi-car crashes:

These accidents can involve many factors, such as chain reactions. Or, one car swerves to avoid an obstruction but ends up crashing into another vehicle. Even those not struck at the point of impact or even involved in the initial collision can be severely affected by these accidents.

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You can present your case to the insurance companies to make a claim for compensation. Note that insurance companies will assess the damages and the injuries, but will only offer a meager amount so that they can close the case quickly. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers have seen this happen time and time again, and we do not agree with this tactic. That is why which is why we urge you to reach out to us so that we can negotiate with these insurers and fight to obtain the compensation that adequately covers the damages as much as possible.

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