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Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Atlanta

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In a single-vehicle accident, you will only have to deal with one driver. There may be disputes over who was responsible for causing the accident. Having an attorney handle this for you is an immensely helpful for handling this. Additionally, if you need to file a claim, it is important that you retain all of the records, documentation, and evidence necessary to present to the insurance companies. This can help strengthen your claim and ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of compensation.

The Weinstein Law Firm, LLC can assist you with this process We are skilled trial lawyers, with experience assisting clients make car accident injury claims for a broad range of cases. We can help lift some of the weight from your shoulders and help ensure that justice has been served.

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Even though there will only be one driver involved in your case, there is the possibility that a third party had a role to play in causing the accident. The other driver was distracted, or there was a defect on the roadway, or perhaps yours or the other driver’s car malfunctioned. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers can pull our resources to determine the cause of the crash.

We have seen single-vehicle accidents cause serious injuries, such as:

Some of these injuries are quite severe, and may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, and can lessen your enjoyment and quality of life. The treatments may also be quite costly. We at The Weinstein Firm, LLC can help you fight for compensation. We are relentless and aggressive in our pursuits.

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With so many elements to juggle in personal injury claims, we urge you to seek representation right away. The Atlanta car accident attorneys at our firm are prepared to challenge insurance companies, corporations, and opposing counselors so that we can attain a resolution that benefits you most.

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