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UPS Truck Accidents

UPS Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta

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If you were in a traffic accident with a UPS truck, you may be concerned about coming up against the world’s largest package delivery company. A company that large is sure to have extensive resources when it comes to challenging injury claims. Fortunately, with the right legal representation, you can actually have a fair chance at receiving the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

At The Weinstein Firm, LLC, we don’t cower away from claims against major corporations and insurance companies. Instead, we take these companies head-on to ensure that our clients are fairly compensated for the losses they endured. Our Atlanta truck accident attorneys are ready to assist you.

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Determining the Cause of the Crash

As soon as we take on your case, we will begin gathering any evidence that could help to prove what caused your accident and your injuries.

When you hire us to represent you in your case, we will look closely at issues such as:

  • The UPS driver’s conduct – whether he or she was in violating any company policies or breaking any laws
  • The driver’s record – whether he or she has a history of accidents, violations, DUIs, etc.
  • The condition of the truck – whether the truck was kept in a safe condition by UPS, whether there were any manufacturing defects, etc.
  • Any possible negligence by UPS – whether the company failed to enforce safety regulations, whether here was insufficient training, etc.

We Can Provide You with a Free Case Evaluation

It doesn’t cost a thing to get started on your injury claim when you take advantage of the free case evaluations that we offer. In your evaluation, we can provide you with initial legal advice based on the specific facts of your case.

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