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Daycare Ordered to Close After Negligent Care

Daycare Ordered to Close After Negligent Care

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC. || 16-Jun-2015

The state of Georgia has ordered a Cobb County day care center to close after it allegedly left a two year old in a hot van for hours. The Department of Early Care and Learning issued the order stating the daycare had breached serious violation in regards to transportation and supervision. This decision came in lieu of the arrest of Melinda H, the owner of the daycare.

Melinda faced charges for reckless conduct, making false statements, and tampering with evidence. On May 5th, Zaryaha E. was kept inside of the day care’s van for over five hours. When Zaryaha was found, she was reported to be lethargic and severely dehydrated, but not harmed otherwise.

Melinda attempted to hide the evidence that the daycare was at fault. The warrant for her arrest said that Zaryaha’s clothing was wet from sweat. Melinda proceeded to not call the hospital, take the child for assistance, and told the driver not to tell anyone.

When Zaryaha’s mother arrived at the scene, she was told that her daughter had only been left in the van for 15 minutes. Melinda then proceeded to attempt and bribe her with 1,000 dollars and offering her a job. She also urged other daycare employees to go along with her story, and told them to destroy video evidence.

The family reach out to Michael Weinstein, an Atlanta attorney, they plan to sue the daycare. Melinda’s lawyer is arguing that she was completely unaware of the cover up and that the director of the daycare is to blame for the negligent care. Three employees of the daycare have planned to testify that the director instructed them to lie, and that Melinda is innocent.

When questioned about the allegations Melinda pleased the Fifth Amendment, and refused to answer any questions concerning the daycare incident.

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