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Racial Slurs Surface in Georgia Court

Racial Slurs Surface in Georgia Court

Posted By The Weinstein Firm LLC || 11-Jun-2015

Allan Durray Green is in the midst of a heated court battle, without having done anything. Green was at the Fannin County Courthouse on March 16 th, in order to testify at his friend’s bond hearing. As the judge was scrolling through the list of witnesses, he asked who Green was. According to witnesses, the two investigators who were present for the hearing, both explicitly used the ‘n-word’ when referring to Green. Witnesses said that the remarks were said in jest, and that the officers found the remarks funny.

Officer Early, a McCaysville policeman who was also at the courthouse that morning, told a local news station that he heard the racial slur multiple times that morning and that more than one person said it. Early declined to do an in person interview with the media.

The Fannin County Sheriff made a statement, denying that his men said the word. The Sheriff also declined an interview, but told a news station that nothing off color was said that day.

County workers, who have asked to stay anonymous, claimed that nothing derogatory was said at the courthouse that day, because the officers were referring to the Green’s street name. However, others said that the remarks went even further when the Fannin County Judge purportedly used the word in open court. The judge allegedly was telling a story about an old black bootlegger, who had a similar name. Other witnesses said that the context of the stories made the remarks acceptable.

Green is pursuing legal action and has hired The Weinstein Firm, LLC, a well-known Atlanta based lawyer, to represent him. He believes that the judges and officer should be chastised for the remarks made in court.

The Judicial Qualifications Commission, an agency that looks into possible foul conduct committed by Georgia judges, will also be investigating the chase.

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