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Are You Experiencing Memory Loss after Hitting Your Head?

Are You Experiencing Memory Loss after Hitting Your Head?

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 26-Nov-2016

If you have been in a slip and fall accident and hit your head, there is a chance you might have sustained a brain injury. Not all brain injuries are evident right away, and some can be hard to recognize until much later after the accident. Memory loss is a common consequence of a brain injury, leaving the injured individual with impaired abilities to recall information or retain information for later. Our Atlanta slip and fall lawyers have handled numerous cases involving memory loss injuries. We explain what to expect and how an injury law firm can help you with your memory loss.

What Kind of Memory Loss are You Experiencing?

There are three main kinds of memory loss injuries impairments that can occur after an injury. This includes:

  • Immediate Memory: Trouble recalling information that was just given within a couple of seconds, like recalling a phone number that was just said.
  • Short-Term Memory: Trouble recalling information after 30 minutes of it being shared. It is possible to have excellent immediate memory but impacted short-term memory after an accident.
  • Long-Term Memory: Trouble recalling information that was collected days, weeks, or years ago. If your long-term memory is impacted, it can feel like parts of your past and timeline are missing.

If you are having trouble recalling things instantly, after some time, or from your past, your accident could have caused you to suffer a brain injury that impaired your memory. There are doctors and exercises that can help you determined how impaired your memory has become after your accident. Also, you can seek compensation for memory loss.

Contact The Weinstein Firm, LLC. to get started on your case. Our Atlanta slip and fall law firm is dedicated to helping those who have been injured due to someone’s negligence.

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