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5 Tips for Choosing a Safe Halloween Costume for Your Kids

5 Tips for Choosing a Safe Halloween Costume for Your Kids

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 17-Oct-2016

Dating back as far as 1980, there have been 16 documented cases of children suffering severe injuries or even death due to an unsafe Halloween costume. Eight of those children were under 12 years old when they were killed or injured. In this blog, our Atlanta personal injury attorney lists five tips for choosing a fun and safe Halloween costume for your children.

  1. Choose flame resistant fabrics: When choosing a Halloween costume for your children, read the labels and look for “flame resistant” wording. While these materials are not completely flame retardant, they won’t catch ablaze as some other cheap materials might. Also, consider costumes that don’t incorporate baggy sleeves or billowy skirts that could catch on fire should a jack-o-lantern have a loose flame.
  2. Avoid costumes with glitter and sequins: Studies have shown costumes that incorporate glitter can be extremely flammable because of the glue manufacturers use to stick the glitter to the fabric.
  3. Wear sturdy shoes: Halloween is a time for mischief for some people. Have you children wear sturdy shoes while going out trick or treating to prevent injuries from broken glass or other sharp objects that could pierce through a thin shoe.
  4. Wear well-ventilated masks: Before leaving for a night of trick-or-treating, make sure, the mask for your child’s costume fits securely, has adequate ventilation and has eyeholes large enough to see properly.
  5. Take a flashlight: many children’s costumes are made with dark fabrics that can be difficult to see for drivers. Give your child a bright flashlight, so drivers can see them as they cross the street.

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