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Shopping Injuries During Holidays

Shopping Injuries During Holidays

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 31-Oct-2016

As shopping centers around the country begin to dust off their holiday decorations, and department stores send out their holiday shopping guides, malls and parking lots start to fill up with people excitedly shopping for Holiday gifts to give their friends and family. The last thing on people’s minds is the prospect of being injured while shopping, but unfortunately, shopping injuries during the holidays are more common than people think. In this blog, our Atlanta premises liability lawyer discusses the common reasons shoppers become injured during the holidays.

Is your injury on this list? Were you injured while shopping? Keep reading for information on how you could file a claim.

Common Shopping Store Injuries

During the holidays, retail stores become overcrowded and employees work long hours. Heavy demands from guests can cause managers and other employees to cut back on regular premises inspections causing conditions to arise that could result in injury to shoppers and employees.

Types of injuries that could occur while at a retail store include:

  • Parking lot injuries: During the winter months, property owners have a responsibility to keep parking lots safe. This includes removal of snow and ice from the parking lots of their stores. Shoppers and employees often suffer broken bones, sprains and possible spinal injuries from slipping on ice.
  • Shopping cart injuries: This could include injuries caused by shopping carts tipping over while a guest is using it or while a child is inside.
  • Slip and Fall injuries: Slip and fall injuries are more common in the winter months because rain and snow brought in from customers can cause water to puddle by the doors.
  • Body and head injuries: overstocked and poorly stacked holiday items could injure shoppers and employees if they fall from the shelf.
  • Trampling injuries: Broken bones, and head trauma could be caused by excited shoppers trying to get the best deal for the holidays.

How we can help

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