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MARTA routes driving housing-development projects in Atlanta neighborhoods

MARTA routes driving housing-development projects in Atlanta neighborhoods

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 27-Oct-2017

As reported by Curbed Atlanta, MARTA train routes are having a real effect on new housing construction across the city. Multiple residential housing developments are being built within walking distance of MARTA stations, and this growth is supporting both the needs of residents and those of developers looking for good investments.

MARTA has a number of ongoing projects that will continue to change the landscape of Atlanta, and will help promote economic growth and public transit ridership while boosting quality of life for people all across the region. The city of Atlanta is a leader in the development of mass transit opportunities, and in doing so is improving the safety and efficiency of transportation for all residents and visitors.

Atlanta traffic is still terrible!

Atlanta historically has had some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation, and so building and expanding housing near MARTA stations is an exceptional way to reduce road traffic, and reduce the number of crashes and injuries associated with it.

Atlanta crashes still happen at a high rate

Despite the safety improvements that accompany the increased use of mass transit systems, crashes and injuries are a daily risk for anyone using Atlanta's crowded roadways. When a serious injury crash happens, give the personal injury attorneys at the Weinstein Firm a call. We can find out what happened, and can give you information about your rights and options.

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