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Pedestrian bridge over Northside Drive will save lives in historically dangerous Atlanta area

Pedestrian bridge over Northside Drive will save lives in historically dangerous Atlanta area

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 20-Oct-2017

When The Atlanta City Council authorized $12.8 million for the design and construction of a new pedestrian bridge over Northside Drive that will connect downtown to the Westside, the hopeful outcome is that pedestrians will be safer, and that passage from Atlanta's Westside to Downtown will no longer be impeded.

Go to the Curbed Atlanta site to see an artist rendering of the proposed bridge design.

Atlanta is well known as a dangerous place for pedestrians

According to National Complete Streets Coalition, between 2003 and 2012, 1,564 pedestrians died in Georgia, an annual mortality rate of 1.67 per 100,000, compared to a national rate of 1.56. More than half of Georgia’s pedestrian deaths occurred in metro Atlanta, where 839 pedestrians were killed during that decade.

An ambitious and progressive bridge plan will improve safety and access

The bridge will positively affect Atlanta’s future economic development and the impact felt on game days for the city's professional sports teams, and during other special events. By making transit to the stadium more accessible, the bridge will improve the travel of more than 70,000 people and their vehicles coming into surrounding neighborhoods during stadium events.

We applaud Atlanta's willingness to make major improvements in transportation and safety

Despite ongoing issues related to the bridge budget, the personal injury attorneys at the Weinstein Firm feel that the cost will be worth the improvements in safety and accessibility that the bridge will afford Atlanta and its neighborhoods. Having worked with many clients injured in pedestrian collisions in Atlanta, and family members of people killed in such crashes, we feel that this bridge cannot come soon enough.

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