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What is a Split Liability Agreement?

What is a Split Liability Agreement?

Posted By The Weinstein Firm, LLC || 13-Oct-2017

Essentially, a split liability agreement means that liability will be shared between both parties since one is not entirely at fault. This type of agreement typically occurs when no one is totally to blame for an accident. Liability, however, does not have to be split evenly and, in fact, can be divided in a number of ways. If, after consulting with your attorney, you find that there might not be enough evidence to prove that the other side is completely responsible for your injuries, a split liability settlement might be a good alternative to assure you still receive some compensation for your injuries.

If you and another vehicle were reversing out of a parking space at the same time and collided into each other, for example, liability might be unclear. In cases such as this, a split liability agreement might be the only effective way to ensure a fair resolution is met. In other cases, one party might bear most of the responsibility for an accident and your compensation might be minimally reduced.

When is it a Good Idea?

You should never accept a split liability agreement or any kind of settlement without consulting an experienced personal injury attorney and, even then, this sort of agreement should only be considered in overly complex cases where the chances of success are slim. There is no reason to minimize your compensation if there is enough evidence on your side to prove the other party is at fault for it.

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