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Slip and Fall

Recent Posts in Slip and Fall Category

  • Will Video Surveillance Help My Slip & Fall Case?

    || 19-Jan-2017

    Whether you are in a mall, restaurant, or someone else’s private property, video surveillance is used for security reasons. However, did you know that it could also be used as crucial evidence in the event of a slip and fall accident ? The Importance of Video Surveillance Evidence In most cases, slip and fall accidents are difficult to prove because it comes down to the injured party’s ...
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  • Preventing Bathroom Falls

    || 10-Jan-2017

    Aside from car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases, our Atlanta personal injury attorney at The Weinstein Firm, LLC has represented many clients involved in slip and fall accidents. Each year, millions of elder adults fall and suffer catastrophic injuries. Falls are the most common cause of injuries for those 65 years of age or older, with 80% of them occurring in the ...
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  • What to Expect: Slip & Fall During Pregnancy

    || 7-Dec-2016

    As your belly grows, your center of gravity shifts and your joints start to relax due to a pregnancy hormone released to help you deliver your baby. These changes are often one of the reasons why pregnant women start to feel clumsy or fall during their pregnancy. What if I slipped and fell while shopping? Shopping for Christmas and Hanukah gifts can be stressful enough, as the pregnant woman, it ...
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  • How to Avoid Winter Slip & Falls

    || 1-Dec-2016

    As fall comes to an end and winter begins, we at The Weinstein Firm start to notice an increase in slip and fall injury inquiries. In fact, during last winter, slip and fall accidents caused by snow and ice accounted for two-thirds of all workers’ compensation claims. The year before that, it was nearly 30 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. How to Avoid Injury During the ...
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  • Are You Experiencing Memory Loss after Hitting Your Head?

    || 26-Nov-2016

    If you have been in a slip and fall accident and hit your head, there is a chance you might have sustained a brain injury. Not all brain injuries are evident right away, and some can be hard to recognize until much later after the accident. Memory loss is a common consequence of a brain injury, leaving the injured individual with impaired abilities to recall information or retain information for ...
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  • Why You Shouldn't Wait to See a Doctor after Your Accident

    || 12-Nov-2016

    Whether you have been injured in a car accident or you hit your head after slipping and falling, seeing a doctor or physician as soon as you are able could be in your best interest. Many people skip seeing a doctor after an accident because they don’t feel any pain or don’t believe that they are injured. Even though injuries like broken bones can be obvious right away, other injuries ...
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  • Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

    || 12-Sep-2016

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), most accidents in the work setting involve slips, trips, and falls. They result in 15% of all accidental deaths, which is second only to auto accidents, and make up almost 20% of all job-related injuries. Slippery floors are a contributing factor in most slip and fall incidents. Spills and debris can be dangerous on any walking ...
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  • Tips on How to Settle Your Slip and Fall Claim

    || 10-Sep-2016

    In most cases, slip and fall claims are resolved without entering the court process due to the amount of preparation made and evidence gathered by the injured party. At The Weinstein Firm, our Atlanta personal injury attorney understands what is necessary to strengthen your case and increase the chances of recovering the most favorable settlement possible. The following are some guidelines to ...
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  • Common Places for Slip & Fall Accidents

    || 8-Sep-2016

    Slip and fall accidents can happen in various location and liability laws differ based on where the accident and injury occurs. Every place presents its own unique circumstances that could influence the outcome of your case. The following are the most common places for slip and fall accidents to happen: Work – When a slip and fall accident occurs on-the-job, a workers’ compensation ...
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  • Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident

    || 28-Apr-2016

    Thousands of people each year are sadly injured in a slip and fall accident. These accidents can happen anywhere—on the stairs, in a friend’s apartment building, at the grocery store, and on the sidewalk. Sometimes it can be difficult to prove who was responsible for the incident. How can one be sure if the property owner was to blame for the accident, or if it was due to the ...
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